Renovation of a ruin

Written by Chris - 30 august 2022 15:39

From this                                                                                                                                              


To This




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Transforming an old barn

Written by Chris - 30 august 2022 15:14

Transforation of a barn into a dwelling



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19th century manor house restored to it's former glory

Written by Chris - 14 may 2013 23:19

Once owned by an english couple, this manor house was unfortunately left to fall into disrepair

The house was gutted, reroofed and brought firmly into the 21st century whilst maintaining its authenticity




Reroofed and new windows have been fitted

The two central window have been transformed into doors

We are waiting for the façades to be painted and the groundworks to be completed - nearly there !!


    Modern fitted kitchen with a waxed concrete floor


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